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$34.95 per ENOVINO

The ENOVINO Wine Aerator, Pourer, Strainer and Stopper embodies elegance and functionality.

  ENOVINO aerates and filters wine as it is poured, improving the bouquet and flavour of red wine. And some white wine can benefit from being aerated too.

  ENOVINO is designed to fit most bottle types and is easy to use – just uncork a bottle, insert the ENOVINO into the bottle, and pour.

Crafted from stainless steel and dishwasher safe.
The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys wine.

The StandArt Glass

$80 for TWO StandArt glasses in a gift box

Simplify life with the “One for All” wine glass! Ideal for every type of wine and made of lead-free Austrian crystal, each StandArt glass is molded as one piece, seamless, with no stress points.

The broader base of the bowl of the glass — a precise 95 millimeters — and the conical shape at the top of the glass— allows for the “nose” of a wine, its top, middle and base notes to emerge in the glass, helping to express even the most subtle aromas, and flavours.

Weighing 5 oz (145 grams), the Gabriel-Glas StandArt glass is elegant, yet amazingly durable and dishwasher safe.

The GOLD Glass

$176 for TWO Gold Edition glasses in a gift box
Each Gold Edition glass is painstakingly mouth-blown by a master European craftsman as a seamless, extremely lightweight, elegant vessel. Shaped to enhance the aroma and flavor of any style wine, this truly stunning universal wine glass is a must-have for every wine aficionado.

The “lighter than air” Gold Edition glass weighs barely 3 ounces (90 grams)...about the weight of a dinner spoon. It is supremely elegant and delicate, yet amazingly durable and dishwasher safe. When you get it right, you only need the “One for All” Gold Edition Gabriel-Glas.

The Alpha Decanter

$350 per Alpha Decanter in a gift box

The Alpha Decanter from Gabriel-Glas is a must-have masterpiece for every wine-lover and gracious host. 

This strikingly elegant lead-free crystal decanter is mouth-blown by highly skilled European glass blowers. On the table it is a handsome work of art. 

For practical purposes it sits comfortably in your hand, elegantly aerates and serves favorite vintages. The Alpha Decanter is the perfect showpiece for your best wines and will impress the most discerning wine drinkers.
You may have heard me raving about the Gabriel-Glas or the Enovino wine aerator a few times on Facebook Live.

Here's the reasons I love these wine tools:

💥 The Gabriel Glas is specially engineered to draw out the best of all wine varietals and the light weight design allows you to focus on the sensory experience.

💥 The ENOVINO is a fast way to decant and filter your wine, one glass at a time, plus it is durable and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

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I hope you can join us to discover Gabriel-Glas & ENOVINO!

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