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Carl's Wine Club is a new way for Canadians to explore Canadian wines, direct from the winery to your doorstep.
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‘’Professionnal and passionate, Carl is a leader of the Canadian Wine Industry!"
Kristine Mansuy
‘’We have known Carl for several years. We have affectionately referred to him as our wine pimp! I know that sounds irreverent; however, it is intended to be high praise. Unlike many wine experts, Carl brings incredible knowledge to his craft without the pretentiousness that we too often see in sommeliers. His virtual wine tasting was entertaining and incredibly educational. Carl Boucher is my friend, my wine informant - and forever my wine pimp!!"
Mark Terrill
‘’Carl has been part of my wine journey for over 5 years now and has always taken my wine knowledge to the next level. His tastings are fun and informative - it's a great way to connect with friends.‘’
Steve Holyoake
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